How up to date is your list?

How up to date is your list?

Is your client list working for you?

I run a women’s networking event called Business in Heels here in Brisbane.  It is a group that I have inherited. I love connecting women with one another.

Every month as part of the promotion of our events, we send out newsletters to our members and people who have attended our events.

Now, I have recently started getting emails from people who had apparently never subscribed to our list, so I can only imagine that they were added by the previous owner.

What I did find when I went through this list was that the engagement on the emails was really low, which did make me wonder. I then found once clicking on the “subscribers” that over 75% of them had NEVER opened one of the emails. I had a quick scroll through the list of email addresses. & found that the people who I had personally added used emails related to their business, so when I started seeing email addresses such as “” or “” I figured it was a bit outdated or not relevant.

So what is that saying about my list? Well basically, it’s a waste of time.

So what have I just done? I have had a massive cull, and out of over 400 people, there are only 120 or so that I know personally and who regularly attend events. I probably should have done this when I took over the group, but I assumed they were all people who WANTED to know about our events, and who were INTERESTED in our events. I now know that this is not the case, so hopefully I have done enough with the clean out to prevent any further complaints.

You want people to engage with your news, not to just delete or not even read it. It’s no different to getting the likes on your facebook page from a “like ladder”. People liking your page “like for like” doesn’t give you a true indication if your content is engaging on not because they really don’t give a rats.

So what am I suggesting you do?

  • Have a regular clear out of your subscribers, check to see if they are event interested in what you have to say
  • Don’t just add all your friends to your lists, and
  • Don’t just add everyone you have met with a business card. Chances are they won’t be interested in what you are presenting to them.

Invite people first up to subscribe to your lists by sending them a personal email as a follow up when you meet them. Always ensure that you have an unsubscribe button on your newsletters, that it works, and if it goes down the complaint route that their unsubscribe hasn’t worked – please action their complaint asap and manually do it.

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