Why you should seek professional advice

Why you should seek professional advice

When was the last time you gave yourself a haircut, or performed heart surgery? Or something you aren’t trained in? Never would be the answer I’m guessing. And there really isn’t a need to ask why, but I will give you the answer anyway. You would probably do a terrible job. Which is why you should always seek professional advice

I am in the business of helping people start up. From streamlining their processes and procedures, to helping them target their niche market to working out the best way forward to be a success, i.e. where to spend money and what isn’t really necessary.

When you are starting up, budgets can be tight. I completely understand that. But lately I would have to say that the increase of DIY design software like canva and picmonkey are possibly doing more harm than good.

Whilst I don’t necessarily have an issue with these programs, (I do use them myself for a quick collage of photos), using them to “design” facebook covers, advertisements, fliers etc, that would commonly be tasks completed by a graphic designer, or at least someone with some design experience, is only hurting your image.

Here are a couple of reasons why I suggest looking for a professional to help.

Eye for Design.

I’m sure you have done your best, but if you don’t have an eye for design, then it’s just not going to work. Only this morning I have seen 3 graphics that have all been “DIY”, and none of them hit the target at all. A designer will question what the project is for, who the target market is, and will design to that. More often than not, a person with no design experience will do something that they just “love”, or just bang something together which will be completely off the mark. You have to remember, it’s not really about what you like, but what works for your market.


Serif fonts are DONE. They are too old school. They aren’t at all fresh, or easy to read and they really fade into the background. I remember a client that loved comic sans and insisted on using it. His target market was high level executives. Is that really going to provide him with the best first impression? Probably not.


You also need to take into consideration images. Are the images going to be right for your message? Where are you getting them from? Are they stock images? Do you need to attribute the artist? Are they hi-resolution for the project you are working on? What will they look like printed professionally?

Balance of content & call to action?

Have you thought about what needs to stand out and how do you get it noticed straight away? What is your call to action? Would you make that call for your service?

What platform are they going on?

Do you know what resolution the image needs to be? Are you printing it or is it going online? Does your printer require a pdf with bleed? All of these things a designer will know.

When it comes down to it, you want to make an impression. Skimp on your accounting software, just put up a landing page for your website if you need to, but if you are supplying printed information or online advertisements in an attempt to attract clients and make an impact, then get professional help from a graphic designer or a VA that has design skills. You will be surprised at how little it can cost, and who knows how much income it could in fact generate you.

You will get a far better response to your message, and it won’t look like DIY.

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